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Karen Massey on Apraxia of speech or Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

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  • In this session, Karen explains what we mean by apraxia of speech or Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia and what features or indicators to look out for in young children.

    We discuss the links between autism, motor planning and DVD, and how this knowledge can then help to support children with autism with their communication and other areas of learning and development. We go on to discuss how Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices can help children communicate.

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Karen Massey on Apraxia of speech or Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

July 22, 2022

Help Me Support Macmillan Cancer Support

Update: because of the extreme weather they moved the date of the walk and we couldn’t go!

We’re looking to reschedule for another “mighty hike” very soon – I’ll keep you updated!

Macmillan are a brilliant charity who provide wonderful support to people with cancer. They’ve helped my family and friends when it really mattered.

To give a little back I’m doing a sponsored “mighty hike” on July 17th. I know times are tough and we’re all feeling the pinch, but anything you can do to help by sponsoring me would be incredibly appreciated – we’ve almost hit our £1,000 target!

Thank you so much!

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