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Ivana Beckett on Holistic Physical Development
Ivana Beckett has worked in childcare for 18 years, starting off as a private nanny; after a brief spell as[...]
Richard O’Neill – Master Storyteller
Richard is also the author of a number of children's books, and award-winning plays for adult audiences, a number of[...]
Dean Horridge on Healthy and Active for Life
Dean Horridge and his team at Fit for Sport have been providing school, family and community programmes for over twenty-seven[...]
Carmen Powell on Books to support diversity in a setting
Carmen was born in Australia and brought up in Malta, moving to the UK in 1985 and is an award-winning[...]
Jo Wilson on the Aquatic Classroom
Jo Wilson is the founder of Aqua Sensory, who has created a unique program, which provides a rich mixture of[...]
Kathryn Albany-Ward on Colour-Blindness or Colour Vision Deficiency
Kathryn Albany-Ward established the CIC company Colour Blind Awareness after she discovered that her son was colour blind.

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Friday 15th November 2019

Marie McKittrick on medicines in an Early Years setting 

Friday 22nd November 2019

Louise Mercieca on Fun Ideas for Healthy Food

Friday 29th November 2019

Ruth Simmons on Large Loose Parts Play and Kitcamp

Friday 6th December 2019

Polly Ives on Concert Music for Children

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Jo Wilson on the Aquatic Classroom
Jo Wilson is the founder of Aqua Sensory, who has created a unique program, which provides a rich mixture of[...]
Sue Newman and Harriet Thomas on the role of music in community learning and cohesion with BoogieMites
Sue Newman and Harriet Thomas of Boogie Mites. Boogie Mites offers Early Years families, practitioners and the wider community the[...]
Glenn Denny on Storytelling
Glenn Denny has been in childcare for over 20 years, mainly working in Scotland. He says that, despite the ever-changing[...]
Deborah Carlisle Solomon on Babies and Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE ®)
Deborah Carlisle Solomon is an expert in the development and care of infants and toddlers and the author of “Baby[...]
Kim Hunter on the Love and Fear Spectrum
Kim Hunter has taught for 20 years in British Columbia Canada. Kim received the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in[...]
Sue Hartley and Katie Brennan on Yoga and mindfulness for children
Susan Hartley and Katie Brennan set up Yoginis Yoga Training Ltd in 2006 and have been delivering yoga sessions and[...]

Leadership & Management

Alice Lewes on Leadership and Management
Alice is a passionate advocate of early years, who has been working in and around early years for the last[...]
Rachel Buckler on the Role of the Safeguarding/Child Protection Lead
In this interview, Rachel Buckler explains the crucial role of the Safeguarding/Child Protection Lead in an Early Years setting.
Jennie Johnson on the Academy Model for Staff Development
In this interview, CEO of the Kids Allowed group of nurseries, Jennie Johnson, explains her approach to identifying talent and[...]


David Wright reports on the World Forum on Early Care and Education 2019
David Wright is the National Representative for England for the World Forum on Early Care and Education. He is the[...]
Thor Stibor on Timbernook, San Diego
Thor Stibor runs a Timbernook in San Diego, California. A husband and father of one, Thor is an outdoors adventurist[...]
Mine Conkbayir on Neuroscience in the Early Years
Mine Conkbayir is a lecturer, award-winning author and trainer, who has worked in the field of early childhood education and[...]
Andy Mitchell’s Top Tips for Reception (Kindergarten) Teachers
Andy Mitchell is someone who I originally interviewed for the Men in Childcare podcasts, back in November 2014. I was[...]
Neil Leitch on Influencing Policymakers
Neil Leitch is the Chief Executive of the Pre-School Learning Alliance - the largest and most representative Early Years membership[...]

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