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Latest Episodes...

Alice Sharp on Empowering Parents
In this interview, Alice explains the 'equation' that can be applied to help children have the most positive start in life, including lots of practical examples of how this can be achieved in practice. She also has some innovative strategies for reaching out to parents and truly engaging them in their children's play.
Karen Wilding on Subitising in Early Maths
In this interview, we start by discussing mathematical fluency and number sense. We then go onto to discuss the different sorts of subitising. Karen has some great suggestions and strategies for practitioners and educators to help them to learn to love mathematics. She also has suggestions for parents to help them to support children’s mathematics at home. Links: Karen's website is here:
Premium Bonus: Louise Mercieca – Mental Health
Lucy Mercieca is a an Award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Award-winning author and founder of ‘The Health Kick'. She is passionate about formative nutrition and preventative nutrition for all and also has lots of simple, nutritional secrets to improve children’s health and well-being for the long term. In this interview, we discuss festive foods and why we tend to overeat at this time of year. Louise has some brilliant top tips and ideas to stop this happening as well!
Kierna Corr on Getting Enthusiastic about Outdoor Play
In this interview, Kierna takes us on her journey - from being someone who would be most likely found inside with a good book to being outdoors every day. She explains how she became interested in learning – and embracing – the outdoors through travel and education.
Premium Bonus: Your Professional Development Record
The Professional Development Record is an editable PDF so you can type in the details of the CPD you've done directly into the document and save it. Or you can print it out and write on it by hand. You can also download additional pages. You can use your Professional Development Record to manage and track your CPD from Early Years TV and any other source. And you can also use it in conjunction with the new Learning Communities from Early Years TV. All free with Early Years TV Premium
Susan Taylor on Safeguarding and Preparing for a Multidisciplinary Meeting
Susan explains in detail how to plan for a multidisciplinary meeting or conference, where you may have speech and language specialists, social workers and possibly the police.

Starting Friday 29th January ...

Dr Natalie Canning on Empowering Children in their Play

Dr Natalie Canning's most recent book is entitled Children’s Empowerment in Play: Participation, Voice and Ownership published by Routledge in 2020.

In this interview, we discuss what is meant by 'empowering' children in their play and why this is so important.

Dr Canning then goes on to describe her research into Empowering Children in their Play, and the 3 'Super-themes': Participation, Ownership and Voice. Most importantly how we can use these super-themes, without descending into a tick-list mentality, and the benefits for both children and the adults. 

Coming Soon...

Friday 5th February 2021

 Caroline Wright on Bright Horizons' Wellbeing Curriculum

Friday 12th February  2021

Gwyn McCormack and Dr Donna Carpenter on supporting children with visual impairment around the world using Story Time

Friday 19th February 2021

Dr Stella Louis and Hannah Betteridge on Helping children by understanding our own bias

Friday 26th February 2021

Katy Harris on The Benefits of Being Outdoors 

Future Episodes Include...

Katy Harris The many benefits of outdoor play and forest school

Marina Robb The Outdoor Teacher

Sarah Neville Childminders and Home-based childcare