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Latest Episodes...

Dr Stella Louis and Hannah Betteridge on Helping children by understanding our own bias
In this interview, we discuss what we mean 'unconscious bias' and how this can affect everything, from observations to decision making. Different types of bias, such as affinity bias, attribution bias and confirmation bias are explained and there are lots of practical ways of countering and recognising our own bias, including strategies for the staff team.
How amazing is our body? From food to flatulence with Louise Mercieca
In this Premium Bonus video, nutritional therapist, Louise Mercieca, explains in a child-friendly way how food affects our body and the biology behind it. As she says 'the more we understand about how our body works, the more connected to it we feel - enabling healthier choices'.
Gwyneth McCormack and Dr Donna Carpenter on supporting children with visual impairment using Story Time
In this interview, Gwyn explains how she creates and presents the Family Time story sessions, a TV show for children with complex needs in Deafblind programmes across 16 States (and growing!) in America. Dr Donna Carpenter describes how this helps and supports children and their families, including the use of sign language interpreters.
Caroline Wright on Bright Horizons’ Wellbeing Curriculum
In this interview, we discuss the Wellbeing Curriculum that Caroline Wright and her colleagues have designed and developed. We start by discussing the need for a Wellbeing Curriculum, particularly children's need for unconditional love, strong attachments and friendships.
Dr Natalie Canning on Empowering Children in their Play
In this interview, we discuss what is meant by 'empowering' children in their play and why this is so important. Dr Canning then goes on to describe her research into Empowering Children in their Play, and the 3 'Super-themes': Participation, Ownership and Voice.
Alice Sharp on Empowering Parents
In this interview, Alice explains the 'equation' that can be applied to help children have the most positive start in life, including lots of practical examples of how this can be achieved in practice. She also has some innovative strategies for reaching out to parents and truly engaging them in their children's play.

Starting Friday 26th February ...

Katy Harris on The Benefits of Being Outdoors 

Katy Harris is the founder of Katylou’s Ltd and has gained widespread acclaim for her real-life work and developmental programmes.

She founded and developed Katylou’s Music and Movement and Katylou’s Forest School, where promoting positive mental health and wellbeing is at the very forefront – now more so than ever.

Coming Soon...

Friday 5th March 2021

Marina Robb The Outdoor Teacher

Friday 19th March 2021

Sarah Neville on the benefits of childminding and childminders

Friday 26th March 2021

Sonia Mainstone Cotton on supporting children with social, emotional and mental health needs

Friday 2nd April 2021

Dr Tina Payne Bryson on The Bottom Line for Baby

Future Episodes Include...

Claudia Holmes and Claire Hewson Special Educational Needs

Debbie Garvey The power of self-reflection

June O'Sullivan MBE Pedagogy and Leadership