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Friday 2nd October 2020

Becky Poulter and Rebecca Skinner on the Speech Chain and Early Years practice

Rebecca Skinner is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who has worked in various NHS trusts. Becky Poulter Jewson is an Early Years Lead with over 25 years’ experience from owning her own Nursery and Preschool setting, to being a sole charge baby nanny. 

Becky and Rebecca co-founded the company ‘Thriving Language’ to provide support, training and information to anyone working or spending time with children - and firmly believe that quality interactions will contribute to happy, healthy child development - and every child deserves this.

In this interview, we discuss speech and communication; the process of listening and speaking - often known as the speech chain or communication Chain and the challenges children may have in different parts of the speech chain, as well as tips for parents and carers. This is a Masterclass video, so is an in-depth interview and is 70 minutes long.

Watch the livestream on Facebook on Friday 2nd October here.