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Lynnette Brock on Schema Play: Extending Thinking through Schemes

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Lynnette Brock on Schema Play: Extending Thinking through Schemes


In this interview, Lynette Brock shows us a model she developed with John Siraj-Blatchford called the Zone of Proximal Development Flow which can be used to extend children's thinking processes and deep level learning.  

Lynnette is an inspirational trainer who has had a variety of posts including practitioner, SENCO, head teacher and group training consultant. She has also tutored on the Early Childhood Studies degree, and is a Montessori teacher trainer.

She is passionate about supporting early years’ educators in ‘seeding’ the play environment to effectively balance play and teaching.

Lynnette now works at SchemaPlay, who produce publications, resources and training opportunities for Early Childhood Education.

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