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Anni McTavish on Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play

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Anni McTavish on Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play


Anni McTavish is a trainer, consultant and writer, specialising in expressive arts, creativity, personal, social and emotional development and superheroes.

Anni trained originally as a fine bookbinder, working for Circle Press and the BBC Music Library, and also spent time as a designer hat-maker. Her background in the arts, education and psychotherapy gives her a unique perspective on early years – her approach is to inspire, inform and help practitioners identify strengths as well as areas to develop.

In this interview, we first discuss treasure baskets – their benefits, the adult’s role and what objects to include. We then go on to discuss toddler’s heuristic play and the types of resources that work well for this. Anni also explains how we might share these types of play with parents for use in the home learning environment.

Anni’s website is here:

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You can find Anni on Early Education here:

Eleanor Goldschmied book is here:

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