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Rae Pica: Spark a Revolution in Early Education

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  • In this interview, Rae Pica reflects on her many years of advocacy for young children and childhood and chooses some of the aspects from her latest book ‘Spark a Revolution’ that she feels the most passionate about.

    We chat at length about strategies for speaking up and how everyone can be an advocate for children and the childcare sector in everyday ways, as well as in more revolutionary ways.

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Rae Pica: Spark a Revolution in Early Education

December 2, 2022

This week’s Early Years TV Episode is kindly sponsored by Virtual Nature School.

Will this be your setting’s best winter EVER? Our free Winter Pack will get you inspired and excited.

FACT #1: It is well known that outdoor/nature-based learning has many benefits for both educators and young children’s learning and development.

FACT #2: Many educators would LOVE to incorporate more nature and outdoors in their time with children, but there is often a reluctance to venture outside the classroom for various (good) reasons.

One reason is that as educators, we are just not sure what to do when we are out there and some are convinced that time spent outside is for playing, not learning. Another is a fear of the loss of control that happens when the 4 walls are not there to contain the children.

Oh, and… the unpredictable weather! It’s easy to venture out on a nice sunny day, but when it is cold and wet, then our reluctance rises considerably. As a result, the arrival of winter feels like an obstacle to outdoor/nature-based learning, and children end up missing out.

But it does not have to be that way, because winter is actually a wonderful and fascinating opportunity to explore nature with young children. That’s why Dr Claire Warden is inviting you this winter to challenge yourself and your team to have a positive mindset about winter and ask yourselves: How could we give our children the best possible experiences this winter, whether it’s inside the classroom, outside in the play area or beyond the gate of the setting?

To get you excited and inspired, start by downloading our free Winter Pack provided by Dr Claire Warden, a leading expert on Nature Pedagogy and creator of the Floorbook Approach. Then join her for 12 weeks of done-for-you winter planning resources and individual coaching that has been expertly designed by Claire for use with children aged 0 to 8 running from January to March 2023.

Download the free Winter Pack and register for the 12 week programme here: www.virtualnatureschool.org

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