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Wendy Duncan on Kamishibai and storytelling

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Wendy Duncan on Kamishibai and storytelling


Wendy Duncan has worked in many different sectors in Childcare throughout the UK and abroad as well as being a manager of both a Family Centre in Central London and a Bilingual Nursery in North London. In addition, Wendy was employed as a peripatetic English Instructor in Okinawa, Japan.

It was when working as an English instructor on the beautiful island of Okinawa that Wendy first encountered Kamishibai. The literal translation is paper theatre.

Wendy is embarking on a journey to bring the paper theatre of Japan to a nursery near you.

To find out more about Wendy’s work, her website is here.

And she is on Twitter here: @TheSidlawHare

and Facebook here: @thesidlawhare


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