Wa’qaar Mirza on Diversity, Culture and Creativity

In this episode, Wa’qaar explains how diversity is necessary for creativity, and how creativity will be essential for children in their adult lives, especially as the future holds so many unknowns.

He explains how we can use music, food and places of worship as ways of not just recognising, but celebrating diversity and different cultures.
· November 26, 2021

Wa’qaar Mirza is co-founder and global CEO of Safi Ideas, creativity and diversity consultant who is driven to doing good with social impact values and also creator of Zayn and Zayna’s Little Farm – an inclusive children’s pre-school animated show dedicated to seeding inclusive ideas, teachable moments in kindness, mindfulness, empathy, importance of family and building unique new creativity e-learning module for the family.

Safi Ideas is an incubation company where Wa’qaar shares his insights on working in culturally mixed teams and what religious tolerance can teach business leaders.

He believes that embracing cultural diversity within the workplace can only enhance a business. With more corporations taking an all-encompassing approach to ‘normalising’ marginalised groups within the workplace, businesses can work together to create a more inclusive, more accepting society.





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