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Tanya Valentin on Re-connecting as a Team

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Tanya Valentin on Re-connecting as a Team


In this Wellbeing Festival interview, Tanya Valentin explains how we can reconnect as a team, even if your setting has been open over lockdown. The unusual (and possibly challenging) working conditions could affect team cohesion during these strange times. We discuss:

  • How professionalism and relationships are intertwined
  • Importance of boundaries for everyone
  • A sense of belonging for the whole team

My experience has taught me to value and respect children and their right to be, right to choose and right to become. I firmly believe that we teach who we are and I learnt the hard way through my life apprenticeship the impact disempowering childhood messages can have.  How this can be the war that you constantly wage in yourself.

The person you are and the teacher cannot be separated.  If we want our children to thrive then we need to first look after the person at the heart of the teacher.

When you work with me I work with the person as well as the early childhood professional.  I will support you to reconnect with yourself, to challenge the disempowering “stories” that you have that are holding you back.  I will support you to be the confident, resilient, empowered leader and teacher that I know you are.


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Inspirational ECE Leadership with Tanya Valentin


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