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Tamsin Grimmer on A Loving Pedagogy

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Tamsin Grimmer on A Loving Pedagogy


Tamsin Grimmer, whose Masters research considered the place of love in early childhood settings and who is currently writing a book about developing a loving pedagogy. She has been an Early Years consultant for two local authorities and has worked as a teacher, early years professional and an Outstanding childminder.
When not writing or researching, Tamsin works part time as a lecturer at Bath Spa University on the Primary and Early Years PGCE courses and is the early years director for Linden Learning.

In the interview, Tamsin explains the links between Professional Love and a loving pedagogy; Chapman and Campbell’s ‘love languages’; the role of touch in a loving pedagogy; the characteristics of a loving pedagogy and how we can achieve this in an Early Years setting.

Her website is: or via

You can find a really useful set of leaflets on the Linden Early Years site under the Covid 19 tab.

The latest one is: How to demonstrate our love to young children during the Coronavirus pandemic

There is a full list of books and courses on there too.

On Facebook: @earlyyears.consultancy.5
Or connect on twitter @tamsingrimmer or LinkedIn.

Tamsin has also written articles on love for parenta magazine – links here:

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