Stacy Benge on The Whole Child Alphabet

Discover a holistic educational approach called The Whole Child Alphabet that develops every aspect of young learners. Go beyond conventional curricula to create an enriching environment that unlocks children's full potential.
· May 3, 2024

Stacy Benge is an early childhood speaker from Texas, who approaches learning in the early years with practicality and common sense. Standing firm on the truth that children learn best through simple, authentic experiences, Stacy advocates for child-led play to build solid foundations for child development. In addition to a Master of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies, Stacy spent 10 years in the early childhood classroom teaching children ages birth to five. As she has for the past 20 years, Stacy shares her passion for child development with fellow early learning professionals with enlightening and informative presentations.

Stacy is the author of The Whole Child Alphabet: How Children Actually Develop Literacy published by Exchange Press.

Discover a revolutionary approach to early childhood education that nurtures the whole child. The Whole Child Alphabet provides an innovative framework for supporting every aspect of a young learner’s growth and development. In this enlightening session, you’ll gain powerful insights to help children flourish.

In this session you’ll:

  • Explore the 26 holistic learning traits that foster well-rounded growth
  • Understand why conventional Letter of the Week curricula fall short
  • Learn how to create an environment that engages all of a child’s capabilities
  • Gain strategies for integrating key skills like emotional intelligence
  • Uncover the surprising benefits of teaching the “Whole Alphabet” for literacy

Watch now and master a transformative philosophy that will nurture children’s minds, hearts and spirits for lifelong success.

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