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Sonia Mainstone-Cotton on Children’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs

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Sonia Mainstone-Cotton on Children’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs


Until June 2014, Sonia worked for a national children’s charity for 20 years. With a background in Early Years, Sonia started out with an NNEB and then went on to achieve a BA honours in Early Childhood Studies and an MA in Early Years Education. She now works as a freelance trainer and consultant and a nurture consultant working supporting 4 years olds transitioning into school.

Sonia has written lots of books, including Mummy’s Got Bipolar – a book that can be shared with children – and 6 textbooks with a common theme of supporting and helping children’s wellbeing.

Her latest book is called Supporting Children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs in the Early Years: Practical Solutions and Strategies for Every Setting

In this interview, we discuss how children’s mental health has been changing and how we should respond to that as Early Years practitioners, educators and teachers. As usual, Sonia has a lot of great ideas and advice, based on her own experience and work. This includes new strategies that she has learned during lockdown, such as the ways that being outdoors changes children in unexpected ways and that being rubbish at football is actually a good thing!

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mainstonecotton/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sonia_main
Website: http://soniamainstone-cotton.com/
Blog: https://soniamain.wordpress.com/

Sonia’s new book is available from Routledge here.

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