Creating Sensory-Friendly Environments with Sue Asquith

Get essential insights and practical strategies to identify and support children with sensory processing difficulties in this comprehensive Masterclass. Early Years expert Sue Asquith guides you through the 8 senses, red flags to look out for, and reasonable adjustments to help these children thrive.
· June 13, 2024

In this comprehensive masterclass on creating Sensory-Friendly Envionments, leading early years consultant Sue Asquith provides essential knowledge and practical strategies to help you understand sensory processing and how it affects young children’s behaviour, self-regulation and learning. You’ll discover how to identify signs of sensory processing difficulties and learn effective ways to make reasonable adjustments to your environment and routines to better support these children.

Combining insights from this Masterclass with Sue’s other courses on self-regulation and executive function will give you a well-rounded understanding of the challenges some children face and equip you with a toolkit of approaches to help them thrive. With up to 1 in 20 children affected by sensory processing difficulties, this is must-have knowledge for every early years educator.

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In this course you’ll:

  • Understand what sensory processing is and the key terms “hypersensitivity” and “hyposensitivity”
  • Explore all 8 senses, including less well-known ones like the vestibular, proprioceptive and interoceptive senses
  • Learn red flags that could indicate a child is struggling with sensory processing in each sensory system
  • Discover practical strategies to support sensory avoiders and sensory seekers
  • Find out how to do a sensory audit of your early years environment to identify potential triggers
  • See examples of how sensory processing difficulties may show up in children’s behaviour and learning
  • Gain insight into how sensory processing difficulties overlap with other conditions like autism and ADHD
  • Hear about real-life case studies of children with sensory issues and how understanding their needs made a difference
  • Get tips on communicating with parents about potential sensory processing difficulties
  • Learn fun activities to help children gain awareness of their senses and bodies
  • Know when and how to refer children for assessments and get support from other professionals

Deepen your understanding of sensory processing and gain confidence in supporting children’s sensory needs. Invest in this Masterclass today and start making a difference for children who find the sensory world challenging.

The masterclass includes a 60-minute video with examples and reflection points giving you 2 hours of professional development. You’ll get a certificate on completion.

You get lifetime access to the masterclass and you can watch as many times as you want.

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About Your Course Instructor:

Sue Asquith is an Award-winning Early Childhood Consultant, who was an Ofsted Outstanding childminder, as well as being a mentor, lead childminder affiliated with local children centres and an early lead language practitioner on the ECAT project.

Sue has worked on Department for Education funded projects with charities including PACEY, ICAN, Communication Trust and NDNA. Her first book Self-Regulation Skills in Young Children was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in April 2020.

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