Sound Environment Matters with Dr Kathryn Murray and Sue Newman

Sound Environment Matters is a course revealing neuroscience on how music "supercharges" cognitive skills like attention, memory & self-regulation. Learn strategies for optimising auditory learning environments.
· March 18, 2024

You know that early childhood experiences shape young minds in profound ways. But did you realize just how powerful the sound environment is for a child’s brain development, learning readiness, and future potential?

In this insightful 4-module course, you’ll discover startling neuroscience research showing how music acts as a “supercharge” for cognitive skills like attention, memory, language acquisition and self-regulation. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the child’s developing “sound brain partnership” and practical strategies for creating an auditory ecosystem that optimizes learning through an ideal blend of sounds, silence, music and movement.

Whether teaching in a classroom or supporting learning at home, this course will equip you with knowledge and confidence to intentionally nurture growing minds through the often-overlooked channel of the auditory environment. You’ll emerge with a new appreciation for the formative role of sound and gain creative, no-fuss ideas for boosting brain power simply by enriching the soundscape around your children.

In this Sound Environment Matters Masterclass you’ll:

  • Discover why renowned brain experts call music the “jackpot” for cognitive development across attention, memory, language, motor skills and more – and how to leverage this insight for school-ready mastery.
  • Learn shockingly simple yet powerful activities for “tuning” little minds by immersing children in an enriching blend of rhythms, pitches, sounds and silence tailored for brain integration.
  • Gain a fresh understanding of the “sound brain partnership” revealed by cutting-edge neuroscience – and why this often-overlooked factor is key to cognitive readiness.
  • Get a roadmap for creating multi-sensory learning spaces that reduce stress, soothe overactive brain stems, and prime neural pathways for thinking and learning.
  • Find out how the right auditory inputs can build foundations for literacy, numeracy and academic skills before formal schooling even begins.
  • Explore ways to equip children with “rhythmic awareness” – an innate human potential that boosts language acquisition, coordination and even athletic performance.
  • Learn activities that stimulate the auditory-motor circuit to develop critical sensory integration abilities for academic readiness.
  • Uncover simple tips for boosting parent involvement and fostering bonding experiences that nurture brain-building through music.

Each lesson runs for 30 minutes and includes activities and actions. The whole course runs for 2 hours and you’ll get a certificate on completion for 3 hours of professional development which includes the activities as suggested in the course.

You get lifetime access and can watch as many times as you want.

Here’s a short introduction to the masterclass from Sue and Kathryn:

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About Your Course Instructors:

Sue Newman is co-founder and Director of Operations at Boogie Mites UK Ltd, who offer onsite and online music training packages and ongoing support to the early years sector. They have also set up a Boogie Mites Community Interest Company to support business managers to run Boogie Mites in their area under licence, making our music programme available to all children including those in areas of deprivation.

Dr Kathryn Murray is passionate about creating opportunities to give children the best possible start in life and is the founder of Future Strong Education Consultancy, Australia, and an environment design expert – implementing her original Brain-SET Environment Formula©. Kathryn has written numerous articles on productive environments, teaching practices and parenting and has used her 40+ years of experience, research and intuition to support children, educators, teams, leaders and parents.

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