Schema Short Course with Kathy Brodie

Discover how to use schema to revolutionise your early years practice. Spot schemas, plan engaging activities, and create personalised learning for every child.
· April 17, 2024

Discover the power of schematic play to revolutionise your early years practice and provide truly personalised learning experiences for every child.

In this Schema Masterclass, you’ll build a deep understanding of the nine most common schemas, learn how to identify schematic play in action, and explore practical strategies for planning activities and environments that support each child’s unique fascinations.

Through expert guidance from Kathy Brodie, you’ll develop the skills to become a schema-spotting pro, transforming your observations and unlocking the key to creating tailored provision that fully engages and delights young learners.

You’ll also learn how to work in partnership with parents and collaborate with your team to embed schematic play across your setting, creating a shared vision and consistent approach that enhances every child’s learning journey.

In this Masterclass you’ll:

  • Uncover the secrets of the nine most common schemas, from Enveloping and Transporting to Rotation and Connecting, and learn to spot them in any area of play
  • Discover how schematic play reveals deep-level learning and develop the skill to tune into each child’s thinking to support and extend their explorations
  • Explore a wealth of practical ideas, resources and activities to create engaging environments that feed each schema and spark enduring fascinations
  • Develop your observation skills to identify schemas in action and learn to use this rich information to transform your planning and enhance your provision
  • Master the art of using schemas as a basis for communicating with parents about their child’s unique interests and learning needs
  • Gain access to real-life video examples of schematic play, enabling you to hone your schema-spotting skills and learn from a variety of fascinating behaviours
  • Deepen your understanding of symbolic representation and learn to support young children to make the journey from schema to symbol
  • Transform your team into schema-spotting superstars through mentoring, coaching and professional development strategies
  • Learn to create captivating ‘schema sacks’ filled with resources to support and extend each child’s explorations at home

If you’re committed to providing the highest quality early years experience and creating learning environments that truly follow each child’s lead, the Schema Masterclass is your key to achieving that vision.

Invest in this masterclass today and gain the confidence, skills and practical tools to harness the power of schematic play and make a real difference to every child you work with.

The Masterclass runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes and includes activities and reflection points. You’ll get a certificate on completion for 2 hours of professional development.

You get lifetime access and can watch as many times as you want.

Here’s a short introduction to the course from Kathy:

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About Your Course Instructor:

Kathy Brodie is an accomplished Early Years Professional with extensive experience working in nursery settings and schools. She holds an Early Years Professional status, a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of Sheffield, and a Diploma in Teaching Lifelong Learners. Kathy is passionate about delivering high-quality care and education to children in their early years, despite the challenges and pressures faced by childcare professionals.

Kathy is a prolific author, having written multiple books on Early Years childcare and development. She is also the organizer of the Early Years Summit, a leading free online CPD resource for Early Years Practitioners and educators worldwide. In 2018, Kathy launched Early Years TV, a free weekly video series featuring interviews with top Early Years experts and specialists, which won the Gold Award at the 2019 Nursery World Awards.

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