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Sarah Seaman on Muddy Puddle Teaching

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Sarah Seaman on Muddy Puddle Teaching


Sarah Seaman had a ten-year career in various wide-ranging teaching posts and has worked for CBeebies and CITV. She started her outdoor teaching journey as a Level 3 Forest School Leader and has combined this with her knowledge of the problems that many schools face, such as limited budgets and resources to create the Muddy Puddle Teaching Approach.

In this interview, Sarah explains the rationale behind the Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach; practical applications; how to meet the curriculum requirements outdoors; concerns if you have children with additional needs; and how to do all this and still keep in budget!

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach brings together curriculum-based education with outdoor learning and works with the passing seasons and weathers to give educators and parents a way in which to learn and discover together – with a month’s free subscription during school closures.  To create a FREE account go to www.themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk/register. Subscriptions offer hundreds of resources EYFS-KS2, accredited courses, mini certificated courses, eBooks and Virtual Classes to send to parents or use in class!

Created and developed by Sarah Seaman, The Muddy Puddle Approach is being used by schools in the UK, as well as the US, Canada and Australia.  The Muddy Puddle Teacher gets children learning outdoors with a ready-to-go programme that can be rolled out at any school, whether you have a 15-minute slot or whole afternoon to work with.

With a subscription, you can access outdoor learning activities for all ages, from babies to juniors and carefully tailored SEND content too.

You can find the website here: www.themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk

Instagram here: @the_muddy_puddle_teacher

Pinterest here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/8585055527239052/

YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8CdLlUQftTzusr1K2lWdg/videos

Facebook here: @themuddypuddleteacher

and the Muddy Puddle Group on Facebook here: @MuddyPuddleGroup

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