Sandra Beale on Christmas Experiments

Watch STEM wizard Sandra Beale perform enchanting Christmas science with everyday items. Behold dancing bells, self-inflating balloons, & flames on ice! Let Sandra's captivating STEM magic ignite curiosity and delight.
· November 3, 2023

Mum of three Sandra Beale started Toddler and Early Years STEM sessions when her middle son was 9 months old. He’s 9 now! What started as entertainment solely for her baby soon grew after visiting friends were amazed at a 9-month-old doing science experiments and wanted their children to participate in the sessions.

Since then, the sessions have grown and have appeared several times on the BBC, BBC Tiny Happy People, BBC Radio, local newspapers and magazines and were nominated for a STEM Initiative of the Year Award at the Cambridge Science and Technology Awards. Sandra’s work has also attracted the attention of the Princess of Wales, who has written a number of supportive letters for Sandra’s STEAM sessions over the years.

The sessions are free and are held at Sandra’s home and also now at La Boîte cafe, Saffron Waldon.

Delight and amaze with festive STEAM magic!

Join the ingenious Sandra Beale as she conjures up a sparkling array of simple yet spellbinding Christmas science experiments. With just everyday items from around the house, Sandra works her wizardry to create colourful concoctions and curiosities guaranteed to enchant children and parents alike.

  • Be dazzled as Sandra whips up dancing jingle bells and a shimmering snowstorm in a glass. Little ones will be wide-eyed with wonder!
  • Learn how to create vivid rainbow art and reveal the hidden colours within black ink. Sandra shows how art and science intersect to create miniature masterpieces.
  • Harness the power of chemistry and watch in awe as an ordinary balloon inflates itself before your very eyes. It’s science sorcery!
  • Gasp as Sandra amazingly sets ice on fire without melting it. This trick is sure to impress any audience. Discover the simple science behind the spectacle.

Join the festive fun and excitement as Sandra shares her gift for making science spellbinding. Spark curiosity and joy this Christmas with these mesmerising STEAM experiments that will leave little learners spellbound!


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