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Sandi and Christopher Phoenix on the Mastery Cup

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Sandi and Christopher Phoenix on the Mastery Cup


In this episode, Sandi and Christopher Phoenix discuss the Mastery Cup, which is all about self-competence, achievement, growth and agency. They explain how their different perspectives mean they need to fill their Cups in different ways – Sandi’s need for authority and Christopher’s need to have freedom of choice.

Sandi Phoenix is the founding company director and principal facilitator at Phoenix support. Her framework the Phoenix Cups have revolutionized how staff not only work with children’s behaviour, but also have teams view each other’s behaviour.

Sandi’s qualifications include a Bachelor of psychological sciences and Cert IV in training and assessment and she’s an affiliate of the Australian Psychological Society and holds membership of the APS.

She is joined in this episode by her husband Christopher Phoenix. Christopher is the Wellbeing specialist for Phoenix Support for Educators (PSFE).

Christopher has a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and his passion for hypnotherapy and mindfulness turned professional after his appearance on Australia’s most popular national morning television show, Sunrise. Since then, Christopher has also featured as the Commonwealth Banks Australian of the Day, been interviewed on Australia’s most popular national radio station Triple M, has been the subject of numerous national and international newspaper articles.

To access the free one-pager of the Cups Framework, just sign up to the FREE trial of the online course The Phoenix Cups; The Jayden and Sally Story here: and you’ll be able to access the pdf.

The full course consists of 3 videos, 2 quizzes, 2 surveys, 27 texts, 2 pdfs and 8 downloads – all for just $58 Australian Dollars (around £31 or $41 American Dollars).


Website to take the Phoenix Cups Quiz:

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