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Rusty Keeler on Risky Play and Natural Playscape Design

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Rusty Keeler on Risky Play and Natural Playscape Design


Rusty is a playspace designer who has worked for nearly 30 years with hundreds of school and community leaders to design and build beautiful outdoor environments for children. He loves helping folks create playscapes that celebrate the wonder of nature and support children’s right to play.

His latest book is called Adventures in Risky Play: What is Your Yes?

In this interview, we discuss the concept of risky play and the benefits for the children. Rusty explains how practitioners and educators can expand their own comfort zones and the role that the environment plays in this.

Of course, as a natural playscape designer, we also discuss the elements of good design, whatever the size or location of your setting, and what inspires Rusty’s own designs.

This interview is ideal if you’re thinking of spending more time outdoors or if you’d like to increase the types of play opportunities you offer to the children or if you’re just interested in beautiful playspaces.

Find Rusty’s books and range of resources here: https://rustykeeler.com/shop/

On Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/rustykeelerdesigns

Twitter: https://twitter.com/earthplay

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rusty_keeler_designs/

Find out more about London’s Adventure playgrounds here: https://www.londonplay.org.uk/

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Kathy Brodie