Rae Pica on Active Learning Maths (or Math) in the Early Years

Rae Pica shares practical strategies for making maths engaging and developmentally appropriate for young children through active learning in this insightful interview.
· July 5, 2024

Rae Pica is on a mission to ensure that children have the chance to be children, and that child development guides all our practices with them. A consultant in early childhood education for over 40 years, Rae is a keynote speaker (virtually these days), an online course creator, and the author of 23 books. Her most recent is Why Play?: How to Make Play an Essential Part of Early Education.

In this engaging interview, Rae Pica shares her insights on the importance of active learning in early years maths education. She provides practical strategies and activities that educators can use to make maths more engaging, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate for young children.

In this session you’ll:

  • Discover why active learning is crucial for young children’s mathematical development
  • Learn how to make maths more concrete and meaningful through hands-on activities
  • Uncover the connection between motor development and cognitive development in early years
  • Explore fun ways to teach number awareness, one-to-one correspondence, and measurement
  • Gain insights into how to create a positive learning environment while doing active maths

Watch this insightful interview with Rae Pica to learn how to make maths come alive for young children through active learning!

This episode was originally broadcast on the 3rd of August 2018.

Episode Links:

Find out more about Rae Pica on her website here: http://www.raepica.com/

And enjoy more of Rae’s videos on her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-d20r_dzRuJdQ7J0TEZOMQ/videos  or search for ‘Rae Pica’ on YouTube.

Rae has a brand new book due out very soon (October 2024) called

Why Play?: How to Make Play an Essential Part of Early Education

In this book, Rae looks at the importance of play in general and then at many different kinds of play, and provides ideas for early childhood educators to make 12 different types of play a greater part of their program.

You can pre-order it here: https://amzn.to/45uC52e or from Teachers College Press (US) here: https://www.tcpress.com/why-play-9780807786208

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