Rachel Buckler on The Role of the DSL (2024)

Gain invaluable expert guidance on mastering the vital Designated Safeguarding Lead role from Rachel Buckler. This comprehensive session covers navigating challenges, exercising professional curiosity, escalating concerns properly, and developing best practice tailored to your local context.
· March 29, 2024

Rachel Buckler is a highly experienced practitioner, trainer and consultant working in support of safeguarding and child protection practices. During her 30-year career in children’s service social care, she has developed and managed services including Sure Start Children’s Centres and been a strategic lead for early intervention services delivered in Greater Manchester. Rachel continues to deliver training to local authorities’ early years workforces, as well as providing training and consultancy for independent nurseries and childcare providers across the country. Rachel is co-founder of the Early Years Hub and creator of the Safeguarding Hub.

Rachel’s book Developing Child Centred practice for Safeguarding and Child Protection: Strategies for every Early Years Setting was published by Routledge in 2023.

In this session, Rachel equips you with the knowledge and confidence to fulfil the vital responsibility of the Designated Safeguarding Lead effectively, ensuring the utmost protection for the children in your care.

In this session you’ll:

  • Discover the “three C’s” – compliance, competence, and confidence – that underpin an outstanding DSL, and how to embody them in your practice.
  • Learn how to navigate challenges like workforce issues and siloed multi-agency working that can hinder safeguarding efforts.
  • Explore strategies to exercise professional curiosity, challenge assumptions, and escalate concerns through proper channels when needed.
  • Understand the importance of contextualising safeguarding by utilising local data, priorities and focusing on each child’s lived experience.
  • Get guidance on continually developing your DSL skills through credible training, peer support networks and engagement with evolving legislation.

With Rachel’s wealth of experience and passion for excellence, you’ll walk away empowered to champion robust safeguarding as a confident, capable DSL. Don’t miss this essential professional development opportunity.

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