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Princess Aspien/Chloe Hayden on Autism Awareness

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Princess Aspien/Chloe Hayden on Autism Awareness


Chloé Hayden is 22 years old from Australia, diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 13, who spends her life advocating for children on the spectrum through interactive, fun videos and blog posts.

She tackles the harder pressed details of living with Autism, while keeping it fun, encouraging and entertaining for a younger audience, and educational for their parents.

In this interview, Chloe and I discuss stimming, sensory overload, what school may feel like to a person who has autism and sleeping. I found Chole’s perspective incredibly insightful as well as useful.

You can find her website here: and her shop is here:

YouTube: Princess Aspien

Twitter: @PrincessAspien

Facebook: @PrincessAspien

Instagram: @PrincessAspien

The National Autistic Society in the UK is here:

and on Twitter here: @Autism

Aspergers Victoria:

Yellow Ladybugs:

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