Chloe Hayden on Autism Awareness

In this interview, Chloe Hayden stresses allowing children with autism to stim, watching for signs of sensory overload, and providing accommodations like safe spaces and noise-cancelling headphones at school. She explains communication cards and clothing she's designed to empower those with autism, and the importance of supportive figures who both comfort and push people with autism forward.
· March 27, 2020

Chloé Hayden is from Australia and was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 13 and now spends her life advocating for children on the spectrum through interactive, fun videos and blog posts.

Since starring in Netflix’s acclaimed ‘#HeartbreakHigh’ series, she’s worked tirelessly to spotlight neurodivergent voices through her character Quinni, her new novel ‘Different, Not Less’ and her inspirational podcast ‘Boldly Me’.

She tackles the harder pressed details of living with Autism, while keeping it fun, encouraging and entertaining for a younger audience, and educational for their parents.

In this session, Australian autism advocate, Actress, and YouTuber Chloe Hayden (previously known as Princess Aspian) about her experiences and insights living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Chloe provides invaluable advice for educators and practitioners caring for children on the autism spectrum. She explains what stimming is and why it shouldn’t be stopped – it helps people with autism release built up pressure and tension. She describes what sensory overload feels like on a daily basis and the red flags to watch out for in children, like withdrawing socially or ceasing communication.

Chloe emphasizes the importance of trusting children when they communicate their sensory issues, rather than dismissing them as “fussy.” She suggests solutions she’s found helpful for sleep difficulties, like weighted blankets. Chloe explains that the school environment, not the work itself, poses challenges for many children with autism due to bullying. Homeschooling was her solution. She recommends schools provide safe spaces, noise-cancelling headphones, and individual work areas for autistic students.

Chloe discusses the communication cards, clothing, and other merchandise she’s designed to empower those with autism. She stresses the importance of supportive figures who push children with autism forward, not just comfort them.

Key points:

  • Allow children with autism to stim, don’t prevent it
  • Watch for social withdrawal as a sign of sensory overload
  • Provide students with autism accommodations like headphones and separate workspaces
  • Validate children with autism’s sensory experiences rather than dismissing them
  • Encourage supportive figures who both comfort individuals who are autistic and push them forward

Kathy and Chloe provide valuable insights into living with autism. This session is essential viewing for anyone working with children who are diagnosed with autism to foster truly inclusive and supportive environments.

This episode was originally broadcast on the 27th of March 2020.

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