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Premium Bonus: Louise Mercieca on Mental Health and Nutrition

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Premium Bonus: Louise Mercieca on Mental Health and Nutrition


Louise Mercieca is an award-winning Nutritional Therapist and an award-winning author.

It all started when she studied Nutrition for Children’s Brain Development early in 2018, inspiring her to write a book – ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’.

Louise’s approach is to make the links between the foods we eat and our health.  In week’s episode, Louise is focusing on how stressful situations often lead to an emotional response to our food.

In the video Louise talks about the importance of the link between our diet, our mood and our ability to manage stress, worry and anxiety. It’s comforting to reach for something that makes us feel happier or calmer, the issue is that often the foods we reach for are the wrong sorts of food biologically.

The good news is we create the food memories that link our emotions to the foods we crave.  When it comes to food choices for children, we can help them to create and shape healthy choices.

You can find Louise’s website here:  www.thehealthkick.co.uk

Kathy Brodie

Kathy Brodie