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Premium Bonus: Louise Mercieca – Mental Health

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Premium Bonus: Louise Mercieca – Mental Health


Louise Mercieca is a an Award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Award-winning author and founder of  ‘The Health Kick‘. She is passionate about formative nutrition and preventative nutrition for all and also has lots of simple, nutritional secrets to improve children’s health and well-being for the long term.

In this interview, we discuss mental health and nutrition. We should all be aware that the pandemic will have unknown consequences for everyone’s mental health. Louise explains how social isolation during lockdown and changes in routines will impact on children in different ways, but we should be aware of this and put some strategies in place.

These include sharing experiences and talking about them together; considering how food affects the whole body, including our moods and emotional state. A balanced diet is essential, as is gut health and many other aspects of our biology.

You can find the TomFoolery video on YouTube here:

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