Preeti Patel on Learning Through Play – The Montessori Way

Preeti Patel from Montessori Global Education discusses how children learn through play in a Montessori setting. She explains the Montessori philosophy that children's play is purposeful and their work is their play. The environment respects children, provides life skills, and supports focus and independence. Routines flow naturally to meet children's needs.
· April 26, 2024

Preeti Patel is Director of Education for Montessori Global Education – one of the UK’s leading providers of Montessori training. After fifteen years practice in a Montessori day-care nursery as Nursery Manager and an Early Years Educator, she took on the role of Academic Placement Tutor and is now Director of Education.

Preeti holds a BA (Hons) Degree, Montessori International Diploma and an Early Years Teacher Status.

In this captivating session with Preeti, you’ll uncover the power of play in early childhood education. Dive into the Montessori philosophy and learn how to create a nurturing, child-led environment that fosters independence, concentration, and a love of learning.

In this session you’ll:

  • Explore the misconceptions around “work” and “play” in Montessori settings, and how to embrace purposeful activity
  • Discover how to provide open-ended resources that ignite children’s natural curiosity and imagination
  • Learn strategies for adult involvement that build on children’s interests, rather than imposing your own agenda
  • Understand how the Montessori approach has evolved to meet the needs of modern children, including the integration of technology
  • Gain insights into creating a harmonious daily routine that respects children’s rhythms and supports self-regulation

To find out more about the Montessori approach and training, visit the Montessori Global Education website and join or visit their free Montessori Network for extra resources.

This episode was originally broadcast on 8th of July, 2022.


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