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Penny Tassoni MBE on Self-efficacy

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Penny Tassoni MBE on Self-efficacy


Penny Tassoni MBE is a well-known education consultant, author and trainer who specialises in the whole spectrum of learning and play within early years. She has written over forty books, many of which are core textbooks. In 2013, she took on the role of President of the Professional Association of Early Years and Childcare (PACEY). She regularly works with nurseries and preschools in the UK and Turkey and has supported nurseries in China, Dubai and Hong Kong – to name a few!

In this interview we discuss the starting point of self-efficacy with Bandura; the importance of self-efficacy and the difference between self- efficacy and self-esteem or self-confidence; children’s independence, agency and self-advocacy; how the current pandemic may affect children’s self-efficacy; promoting self-efficacy both in the Early Years setting and at home.

Watch the livestream on Facebook on Friday 25th September here.

Penny’s books can be found on Amazon here or on Bloomsbury’s website here.


PACEY website is here:

Find out more about Bandura and self-efficacy here.

Carol Dweck writes extensively on mindsets, this is a good introductory article here.

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie