Nick Dux on Resilience through the Transformative Communication Approach

In this interview we discuss some of Nick’s book – It’s All Narrative – in particular:
• Our ‘inner voice’ from and how this may affect us for the rest of our lives.
• Children’s internal narrative, displayed as a range of different behaviours
• Transformative Communication, a practical, supportive approach for helping to support children, that includes Superpower language and empathy and empowerment.
· October 21, 2022

With a degree in Human Communication, Nick Dux has 17 years’ experience in education based mental health. For 3 years, Nick has been self-employed, creating and developing his ‘Transformative Communication’ approach.

Nick works with schools to embed Transformative Communication and supports professionals to break these negative cycles and empower children to see themselves as the unique, talented and resilient people they are.

He believes that if we transform the inner voice of a child, we will transform their resilience, and subsequently, their behaviour and outcomes will change for the better.

Nick has seen first-hand how his own inner voice has scuppered his experiences, stifled potential and hampered health. Thankfully, Nick has adopted the daily disciplines of self-development to transform his own inner voice and draws on these experiences to further inform his professional practice.

His book – ‘It’s All Narrative’ – is so titled because it is the narrative (or story) we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world around us, that governs our levels of resilience and, ultimately, our outcomes.

In this interview we discuss the book, starting with where we get our ‘inner voice’ from and how this may affect us for the rest of our lives. Children’s internal narrative may be displayed as a range of different behaviours, which Nick describes and explains how they may be recognised.

Nick has developed a practical, supportive approach for helping to support children, called Transformative Communication, which is based on two strategies:

  1. Superpower Language
  2. Empathy and Empowerment

He describes both strategies and how these relate to ‘positive Resilience’, including real life case studies. We finish by discussing how Transformative Communication can also help to support adults who may have a toxic inner voice and how turning this around can be of huge benefit for the whole family.


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