Lynnette Brock and Vicki Abrahart on SchemaPlay

Lynette Brock and Vicki Abrahart explain how SchemaPlay builds on children's interests to enable deep learning across curriculum areas. SchemaPlay training gave practitioners tools to value child-led play. Outcomes included children’s growth in skills, parents feeling empowered realising behaviours reflect learning schemes, and practitioners appreciating SchemaPlay enables personalised learning.
· September 29, 2023

Lynnette Brock is the co-founder and director of SchemaPlay Community Interest Company. Facilitating an appreciation of the distinction between a scheme and schema (as published by Piaget in 1969), the SchemaPlay™ training supports and showcases how, with a deeper knowledge of schematic play, we can really ‘know’ every child; thereby supporting their mastery, self-belief, transitions and learning across the entire early years’ curriculum and beyond.

Vicki Abrahart has been working in Early Years and education for over 25 years. She is a qualified teacher and early years professional and is an Early Years Improvement Adviser working with PVIs, Childminders and Schools across the West Midlands. Vicki is always keen to collaborate with professionals to strengthen and support her ongoing professional development.

In this session, Lynette and Vicki discuss the powerful impact of SchemaPlay™. Lynette explains how schema play builds on children’s interests and capabilities to foster deep, meaningful learning across the curriculum.

Vicki shares how implementing schema play transformed practice in the schools she works with. After SchemaPlay™ training, practitioners began valuing and extending child-led play. Environments and interactions were tailored to children’s schemes and schemas. This child-centered approach yielded great outcomes:

  • Children grew remarkably in confidence, motivation, communication, and other skills.
  • Parents felt empowered realising their children’s behaviours reflect learning schemes. Attendance at workshops was very high.
  • Practitioners appreciated how SchemaPlay™ enables personalised, seamless learning. Accreditation validated their excellent practice.

Lynette introduces an exciting new SchemaPlay™ Curriculum Wheel aligning schemes, EYFS areas, and sustainability goals. This tool builds pedagogical knowledge for responsive interactions.

The key learning points are:

  • SchemaPlay™ unlocks children’s fascinations to spark meaningful, joyful, holistic learning
  • Training gives practitioners profound understanding of play and tools to extend it
  • The approach profoundly engages children, families, and professionals

Watch this session to discover how SchemaPlay™ can transform Early Years practice to help every child thrive! Lynette and Vicky share profound insight and inspiration.This episode was originally broadcast on the 29th of September 2023.


Swellers Cognitive load theory

Our in-depth article on Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development (including schema) is here.

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