Lucy Nathanson on Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism expert Lucy Nathanson provides essential insights and practical strategies for early years professionals. Learn how to create a pressure-free environment, understand the child's perspective, work closely with parents, and support smooth transitions for children with this anxiety-based condition.
· June 7, 2024

Lucy Nathanson is a child therapist, international speaker, best-selling author and founder of . Confident Children has a team of therapists specialising in helping children with Selective Mutism.

Lucy has published 5 books on Selective Mutism, an online school training programme for schools, a parent essentials course, she has a YouTube channel that has exceeded 350,000 views as well as an active Facebook page consisting of over 12 thousand followers and she has featured on the BBC talking about Selective Mutism.

Lucy is passionate about raising awareness of Selective Mutism worldwide

It is estimated that Selective Mutism will affect at least 1 in 140 children in the UK.

In this insightful session, Lucy provides valuable strategies and practical approaches for Early Years professionals and educators to support children with this anxiety-based condition. She emphasises the importance of creating a pressure-free environment, understanding the child’s perspective, and working closely with parents to aid the transition into school settings.

In this episode you’ll:

  • Discover the true nature of Selective Mutism and why it’s more than just a child “choosing not to talk”
  • Learn practical strategies to create a pressure-free environment that helps children with Selective Mutism feel comfortable
  • Gain insights into the often-overlooked aspects of Selective Mutism, such as physical challenges and eating/toileting difficulties
  • Understand the crucial role of peer education and how to explain Selective Mutism to classmates in a child-friendly way
  • Explore transition strategies to ensure a smooth move from early years settings to primary school for children with Selective Mutism

Join Lucy as she shares invaluable insights and practical strategies to support children with this complex condition in Early Years settings.

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