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Louise Mercieca’s Summer Menu

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Louise Mercieca’s Summer Menu


Louise Mercieca is the host of the brand new resource for practitioners, educators, parents and grandparents – Early Years TV Food Channel.

Find the Food Channel with lots more recipes, food ideas and nutritional information here:

Twitter here: @EYTVfoodchannel
Facebook here: @eytvfoodchannel

Louise studied Clinical Nutrition and Life Sciences to become a nutrition expert, subsequently establishing her business The Health Kick in 2012. As a parent, a passionate runner and a self-proclaimed foodie, Louise’s mission is to arm fellow parents and those interested in healthy eating, as well as exercise lovers, with a foundation of knowledge about the types of food that promote good health.

She specialises in simple, nutritional secrets to improve children’s health and well-being for the long term.

Find the Avocado and Chocolate mousse recipe here: Avo-Mousse

You can find Louise’s website here:

Twitter: @LouiseMercieca1

Facebook: @The.Health.Kick

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