Louise Mercieca – Enjoying Festive Foods

In this session, Louise Mercieca, an award-winning Nutritional Therapist and author, shares her expertise on balancing enjoyment of Christmas foods with mindful eating. She explores the origins of seasonal indulgence, strategies for sugar reduction, immune-boosting tips for January, and offers practical advice for making healthier food choices during the holidays and beyond, drawing from her book 'How Food Shapes Your Child'.
· December 15, 2023

Louise Mercieca is an Award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Award-winning author, podcaster and generally on a mission to educate with the right information on how food and health are linked.

She feels the best way to help to shape the health of the next generation is via education. Education enables empowerment. Food doesn’t just fill us up it shapes our every movement, action and emotion. Understanding all of this (at a basic level) is the key to being as in control as you can be of your own health journey.

​Her mission is to make nutrition education accessible and reflective of the real impact which food has on our physical and mental health. And to make biology fun and ultimately, to help to shape the health of a generation.

Louise offers online course, consultancy, writing services and is a regular guest on many radio shows.

Her multi award-winning book How Food Shapes Your Child helps parents and families to navigate the confusing world of nutrition with child-friendly biology and family-friendly recipes which are easy to implement.

In this session, Louise shares her wisdom on enjoying Christmas foods while still being mindful. We dive into the origins of seasonal indulgence, biologically why we crave treats, and how to healthily navigate the holidays without restriction. Discover easy swaps, gradual sugar reduction tips, immune-boosting ideas for January, and more secrets from Louise’s book!

Key Takeaways:

  • Biology enables us to consume high-energy foods rapidly, a useful caveman adaption now challenging our waistlines
  • Have little conversations with party foods – ask if each treat is worth eating before indulging
  • Gradually reduce added sugars and cravings; don’t cut anything completely to avoid feeling deprived

Tune in to gain insightful perspective and advice from Louise on enjoying the festive foods while supporting children’s long-term health and your own wellbeing, filled with practical tips for more mindful and healthy food choices over the holidays and into the new year.

This episode was first broadcast in December 2020 as part of the Premium Bonus food series

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