Lesley Berrington on Diverse Book Week

In this interview Lesley and I discuss the benefits of diversity in children’s books. Lesley explains how she was inspired to write Hattie and Friends when she couldn’t find good quality, diverse books for her nurseries.

Most importantly, her characters have disabilities that don’t form the main thread of the story.
· September 24, 2021

Lesley Berrington is the Author and Publisher of ‘Hattie and friends’, a series of inclusive story books for young children. These books feature positive images of disability throughout, with familiar themes and educational content they are perfect for ALL young children. The message is to teach acceptance, respect and understanding for the differences we all have.

Lesley is NNEB qualified and worked as a Nanny in Sheffield and London, then a Retail Manager in York & Lincoln before opening her 1st Nursery in 1997.

She opened 3 Nurseries and 2 Kids Clubs, in Lincoln, within 4 years. Her daughter, Harriet, was also born during this period.

When Lesley couldn’t find suitable, inclusive books featuring disability for her Nurseries she realised there was a big gap in the market. After further research she decided to create her own and ‘Hattie and friends’ was born!

Lesley sold ‘Stepping Stones Day Care Ltd.’ in 2006 and has continued to develop ‘Hattie and friends’ over the last 15 years.

Bringing Harriet up, from the age of 8, as a single parent and being diagnosed with 2 chronic illnesses Lesley has experienced feeling ‘different’. She regularly visits Primary Schools to talk about ‘Being an Author’ and her inclusive story books


Website : www.hattieandfriends.co.uk

Twitter: @Hattiesfriends

Instagram and Facebook: @Hattieandfriendsauthor

LinkedIn: @LesleyBerrington

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