Kelly Hill and Becky Haynes on Respectful Owner, Manager and Staff Relationships

Kelly Hill & Becky Haynes share how open communication and shared vision between owner & manager creates consistency for children. Role modelling and staff wellbeing are key. Their setting shows how transparency and care build trust.
· December 8, 2023

Kelly Hill is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Early Years Company. She has worked in the Early Years sector since leaving school, starting as a nursery nurse, Kelly worked her way up to nursery manager, trainer and assessor and through to Operations Director before setting up and running Early Years Leadership CIC. Degree qualified in both Early Years and Business & HR, Kelly has a wealth of knowledge to share with the sector. Kelly is also the owner of Codsall Community Nursery, which serves Kelly’s local village – and where Becky Haynes is the manager.

Becky has been working in the Early Years Sector since she was 17 years of age – approaching 18 years. She says that there have been many influences within her career and feels that she has a bit of each of those influences within her own practices which have helped her to be the leader that she is today. She has been the manager at Codsall Community Nursery for 18 months.

In this session, Kelly and Becky share insights into creating a successful owner-manager relationship in an Early Years setting. They reveal how open communication and transparency have been core to building trust and respect between them.

They go on to explain the importance of aligning visions and values from the outset to ensure the nursery’s leadership is unified. By regularly checking in on goals and career aspirations, they ensure professional growth paths are tailored to individual needs. Kelly emphasises facilitating opportunities beyond courses, like networking events and conferences, to provide well-rounded CPD.

Key tips for bringing staff teams along include:

  • Role modelling wanted behaviours
  • Inducting new staff thoroughly so expectations are clear
  • Observing practice and providing constructive feedback
  • Incorporating staff ideas to give ownership

Consistent leadership creates consistency for children and families. Open, honest dialogue with parents builds trust in the setting. By prioritising staff wellbeing, happy staff nurture happy children.

This real-world view provides an inspiring case study for creating shared visions between owners and managers. With kindness and respect at its core, it’s a blueprint for developing cohesive teams to deliver quality early years experiences.

Tune in as two inspirational Early Years professionals share their blueprint for building an unstoppable owner-manager dream team. Discover how openness, trust and a shared vision empowers staff teams and creates consistency for children. Gain insights into real-world leadership that navigates challenges with respect. This session gives an uplifting case study of how prioritising staff wellbeing puts children’s happiness first.

Kelly and Becky’s wisdom provides a masterclass in aligning leadership around core values to bring teams and communities together. Their setting exemplifies how transparency and care fosters belonging – for children, families and staff alike. This will reignite your passion for people-centred early years practice.


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