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Kathryn Solly on Scientific Exploration

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Kathryn Solly on Scientific Exploration


Kathryn Solly has worked across all ages of education, from babies to tertiary including being an Ofsted inspector and a headteacher for Chelsea Open Air Nursery School for 17 years.

She’s now a specialist Early Years consultant, trainer and speaker with a passion for outdoor play, learning and leadership, and she has written a super book which is called Risk, Challenge and Adventure in the Early Years. She’s also a proud parent and grandparent.

In this interview, Kathryn explains how important scientific language is, but how it must be relevant (and correct); the types of resources that are useful – and which you may already have in your setting; and how beneficial it is for practitioners and educators to learn alongside the children as co-constructors of knowledge.

Her website is:

You can see Kathryn live at the Early Education Conference: Developing STEAM experiences in the early years on Tuesday, 31 March 2020 in Kings Heath, Birmingham

and find her on the Early Education website here:

British Science Week takes place between 6-15 March 2020 – a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The hashtag is #BSW20

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