Organising for Risk, Play and Diversity with Kathryn Lord

In this Masterclass, Kathryn Lord teaches strategies for decluttering, enabling play and risk-taking, diversifying resources, and organising environments to boost health, inclusion and learning.
· October 25, 2023

In this Masterclass, Kathryn teaches strategies for decluttering, enabling play and risk-taking, diversifying resources, and organising environments to boost health, inclusion and learning.

Each lesson in this masterclass will help you significantly enhance the Continuous Provision in your setting and provide more and better learning opportunities for your children.

In Organising for Risk Taking vs Safety you will:

  • Learn how to optimise play and learning spaces with clutter-free organisation
  • Discover how to allow good risks to build confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn methods for complying with health policies while encouraging challenges
  • Learn how to make rooms feel bigger with angled furniture and soft furnishings
  • Get practical strategies to improve your setting through storage and risk assessment

In Organising for Play you will:

  • Discover 16 types of play and how to provide them all in your setting
  • Learn about historical and contemporary theories on enabling environments as the “third teacher”
  • Learn now to create inviting spaces that are also challenging and invoke curiosity and wonderment
  • Gain strategies to organise play resources for maximum autonomy and extended learning
  • Discover how to implement rotation, themed boxes, labelling and access to boost independence and minimise clutter

In Organising for Diversity you will:

  • Learn how to audit books, toys, music, screens and food to identify gaps and improve diversity
  • Learn how an enabling environment promotes inclusivity across gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability
  • Reflect on doll evolution from Barbie’s origins to today’s range of diverse dolls
  • Get ideas to celebrate festivals, try new cuisine and music to immerse in cultures
  • Discover resources to incorporate diverse books, printables, recipes and more

Each lesson includes activities and reflection points to help you identify areas for improvement in your own practice and the environment of your setting. The masterclass also includes Introduction and Conclusion videos to help you consolidate your learning and implement new practices in your setting.

The whole masterclass runs for 60 minutes – plus you’ll also need time for the exercises and reflections.

You’ll get a certificate on completion for 90 minutes of training, which includes the activities as suggested in the training course.

You get lifetime access to the course and you can watch as many times as you want.

Here’s a short introductory video from Kathryn:

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About Your Course Instructor:

Kathryn Lord is the award-winning author of ‘There’s More to Books than Reading: how to help your child bring stories to life’ and was Professional Organiser of the Year 2022 (Best Newcomer) with the book ‘More to Organising: how to help your child become more independent and make your life easier’. Her latest book is called More to Mealtimes.

Kat organises rooms and routines in homes and nursery settings and has been a speaker at events such as NannyPalooza, The International Nanny Training Day, The Childcare and Education Expo, The Home Educators Conference and The Clean and Tidy Home Show.

As well as being an award-winning author, Kat gives workshops at events, parent groups and nursery settings. She is passionate about supporting parents and nannies in bringing learning to life through books, organising and mealtimes.

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