Julie Robinson and Mandy Worsley on Emotional Intelligence

In this interview, Julie Robinson, Mandy Worsley and Lucy Edwards discuss mindfulness, a growth mindset and emotional regulation. They explain how their approach is based on the Leuven emotional wellbeing scales and the benefits for children and their families.
· November 25, 2022

Julie Robinson and Mandy Worsley set up the business Mini Minds matter UK in 2021 during COVID, after identifying an increased need to support pre-school aged children, parents and carers during this challenging time.

Julie is a qualified teacher and Nursery Owner with over 25 years’ experience in the education sector. Mandy is a Qualified Paediatric nurse, with 30 years’ experience in health and social care and has worked during the past five years as a health and wellbeing specialist to bring mindfulness, relaxation and emotional wellbeing to a wide range of children.

In this interview, Julie, Mandy and Lucy Edwards discuss the aims of Mini Minds Matter UK, including how they have incorporated mindfulness and a growth mindset into their approach. The dinosaurs featured in the books are perennial favourites, with a different dinosaur each month focusing on a different element of emotional regulation, based on the Leuven emotional wellbeing scales. Lucy explains how Mini Minds Matters UK has been used with the children and the benefits she has seen.

Julie and Mandy go on to explain how their assessment tool can help settings to increase the benefits of emotional intelligence. They also share some strategies for supporting children with their emotional intelligence.



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