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Julie Mountain on Designing an Effective Play Area

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Julie Mountain on Designing an Effective Play Area


Julie Mountain is qualified in landscape design and specialises in supporting schools and early years settings so that they can make the most of the potential of outdoors for learning and play.

As an experienced trainer and facilitator, Julie launched Play Learning Life in 2010 in order to focus on outdoor projects in and with schools, settings and families.

In this interview, we discuss how to assess and consider outdoor spaces that just aren’t working; how to improve outdoor spaces in general; the many benefits for children when they are in a great outdoor space; some fascinating local and international projects where Julie has designed effective, fun and suitable play spaces.

Julie’s website, with more case studies, is here:

The Nursery World articles with the 7 Cs is here:

7Cs 1 of 4

7Cs 2 of 4

7Cs 3 of 4

7Cs 4 of 4

Herrington, Susan & Lesmeister, Chandra. (2006). The design of landscapes at child-care centres: Seven Cs. Landscape Research – LANDSC RES. 31. 63-82. 10.1080/01426390500448575.

HOS Landscapes:

Every Child a Mover by Jan White and Outdoors and Active by Julie Mountain Combo-Pack:

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