Jiji Talmas on 101 Reasons Why I Love My Job

In this interview, Jiji Talmas discusses her book "101 Reasons Why I Love My Job". She explains that the book was inspired by the pandemic and aims to reignite passion in early childhood educators. The book includes ideas and resources for educators to try in their settings, programs or childcare centres. Jiji also discusses the importance of professional learning and teamwork.
· June 9, 2023

JiJi Talmas “Ms. JiJi” was born in a small town near the sea until she moved far away to a land of snow and the Rocky Mountains. Before she started writing books, JiJi got a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education. After that, just to shake things up, she achieved the Award of Excellence for her contribution to public education and later on, received the Kathleen Stroud Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership in supporting families and children’s education.

She loves to write books and short stories to educate and connect with children using beautiful illustration and heartfelt characters that inspire.

In this interview JiJi talks about her book, “101 Reasons Why I Love My Job.” She explains that the book was inspired by the pandemic and her passion for her work. The book includes resources such as pin tags and is written in a journal-style with stunning illustrations and photographs.

JiJi has also written a book about volunteers to help introduce children to the volunteers in their setting. She hopes that the book will inspire early childhood educators and put passion back into their work.

The book also includes ideas for creating stories, mindfulness, and taking care of one’s well-being. JiJi finishes the book with a beautiful thank you poem for early childhood educators.



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