Helen Woodward on Essential Skills for Leadership

Helen Woodward shares her top research-backed leadership skills on Early Years TV. Learn simple but powerful ways to listen actively, ask strategic questions & foster belonging. See how this benefits staff and children. Plus, hear about Helen's new online course to guide you to leadership greatness!
· January 19, 2024

Helen started out as a nursery nurse and went on to become Head of School Improvement for the Department for Education. She has held lead roles in national, regional and local government schools and colleges.

Helen has designed and facilitated coaching and leadership programmes for the University of Manchester and has served as a magistrate in Greater Manchester. Now, Helen’s consultancy, Helen MG Consulting, enables her to work collaboratively with leaders, enabling them to be more resourceful and take effective action, including a fantastic online course, Essential Skills for Leadership Impact.

In this session, Helen shares her top research-backed Leadership Skills like active listening, strategic questioning, and fostering belonging. Discover simple but powerful ways to implement them.

Find out why Leadership Skills create emotionally warm, collaborative, teams where staff feel valued and purposeful. See how this benefits children most through safety, security, and trusting relationships.

Helen unpacks the key mindsets for growth – being open, curious, and comfortable with uncertainty. Learn everyday habits to develop yourself continuously as a leader.

Finally, hear about Helen’s exciting new online course Essential Skills for Leadership Impact – with the insider knowledge she wishes she’d had. Let Helen’s extensive experience guide you to leadership greatness through engaging video, interactive workbooks and more.

Tune in for reflection, inspiration and practical steps to transform early years provision.



Find Helen’s online courses here: https://learning.helenmgconsulting.com/

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