Gayle Berry on Love-Based Learning

Founder of Blossom & Berry, Gayle Berry shares her passion for "love-based learning" that nurtures babies' emotional wellbeing through right-brain activities like massage, nature connection and mindfulness - building resilience from the start.
· April 5, 2024

Gayle Berry is the founder and leader of Blossom & Berry Baby Massage & Yoga.

She started her career as a project finance lawyer in the city of London. She reinvented herself as an entrepreneur after her three children were born and has subsequently grown Blossom & Berry from a small local business to be a global leader in the field of mother and baby wellness with over 1000 baby massage and yoga teachers across the world. She has launched a sister site in Spanish and has training across the world in locations including Mexico, Dubai, Australia and Italy.

Gayle is also a co-founder of the charity Love Support Unite and its former UK director and set up her own mother and baby health initiative charitable project in Malawi which provides mother and baby education and sustainable feeding programs for over 750 mothers and babies a year.

In this session, Gayle will help you discover nurturing touch and mindfulness techniques to support babies’ emotional regulation and learning. This holistic approach emphasises right-brain learning through loving connection to activate babies’ innate curiosity and confidence.

In this session you’ll:

  • Learn what “love-based learning” means and why it’s so vital for infant development
  • Explore simple yet powerful practices like eye gazing, gentle massage, and being in nature to create a “love bubble”
  • Understand how these somatic techniques build emotional intelligence before academic skills
  • Gain insights from Gayle’s humanitarian work in Malawi on keeping babies close and connected
  • See how focusing on babies’ present-moment experience cultivates safety, trust and resilience

Let Gayle Berry’s passion for nurturing the sacred mother-baby bond inspire you to slow down and be present – the greatest gift for supporting holistic learning.

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