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Premium Bonus: Forest School Webinar with Katy Harris

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Premium Bonus: Forest School Webinar with Katy Harris


Katy Harris, of Katylous, is hosting a Forest School and Outdoor Play zoom seminar on Thursday 3rd December at 7 pm - and she is offering a 50% discount exclusively to Premium Members!

Entitled Forest School and Outdoor play for Cognitive Development Health and Wellbeing, you can learn about:

  • The Importance of Play
  • Play Deprivation
  • Brain Development
  • Nature & Nurture
  • Risky Play
  • Health and Safety
  • Mental Health
  • The Nervous System
  • How Laughter Can Overcome Fear

To access the 50% discount you'll need to be an Early Years TV Premium Member. If you're not a member already, you can get access by clicking the button below. If you are a member, you can login to access the discount code here.

Premium membership gives you access to our archive of over 150 videos with almost 100 hours of CPD - plus every new video and bonus that comes out while you're a member.

This also includes a free Professional Development Certificate for every interview you watch covering the topic and the length of time of the training.

Without a doubt it's the very best value high quality professional development you can get.

PS You can find out more about Katy's training courses - including Blossom Buddys, the onsite, whole school Forest School training here:

** Katylou's website **

and her Facebook Forest School here:

** Katylou's Facebook **

Kathy Brodie

Kathy Brodie