Ellen Dodge on Supporting Parents at Home

In this interview we discuss practical ways for parents to communicate well with their children, how to stay connected to your parenting partner, and managing our own feelings, even when it's stressful.
· August 21, 2020

In this Wellbeing Festival interview, Ellen and I discuss some great ideas for supporting parents at home, especially during these strange times, including:

• Practical ways for parents to communicate well with their children

• How to stay connected to your parenting partner

• Managing our own feelings, even when it’s stressful

Ellen Dodge is passionate about kids, having 3 children of her own, and has spent her entire career working and consulting with schools to help kids learn the tools to be awesome communicators. It has been her life’s dream to bring social emotional learning to parents directly in their home and so created with The Parenting Partner.

She is also the Education Director and the author of Kimochis Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, which is helping increase the world’s kindness footprint as we intentionally help kids and teachers learn how to communicate feelings and be more connected.

Ellen knows that ‘feelings fuel behaviours’ and all children benefit from being able to truly understand what feelings are and what practices are needed to regulate them in positive ways. She says that communication is the foundational tool to well-being and a successful, happy life. Ellen wrote her first ground-breaking book for speech language pathologists, CommunicationLab, so all schools could teach these transformational tools to children.

Ellen has been awarded the Honors of the California Speech and Hearing Association as the highest honour for making an impact in the field of Communication and Speech Disorders along with receiving a National Character Education award for her contribution to the public schools.


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