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Dr Susan Hopkins on Shanker Self-reg® in Young Children

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Dr Susan Hopkins on Shanker Self-reg® in Young Children


Dr Susan Hopkins is the Executive Director at Dr. Stuart Shanker’s organization, The MEHRIT (Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative treatment program) Centre.

Dr. Stuart Shanker formed The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) in 2012. The vision of TMC is to for ‘calm, alert children, youth and adults flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments’. Their mission is ‘To ground learning and living in self-regulation’

Dr Shanker’s five-step Self-Reg model, The Shanker Method®, is a powerful process for understanding and managing stress in children, youth and adults.

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Dr Hopkins has worked in every area of education from the early years to post-secondary and across contexts from Italy to the Northwest Territories. In 2019 she released a co-authored book with Dr Stuart Shanker entitled Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators (published by Pearson, Canada)

In this extended – 100th episode – Dr Hopkins explains the 5 domains of stress, the 5 steps of Shanker Self-Reg © and three top tips to help in your everyday practice.

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