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Dr Prospera Tedam on witchcraft labelling, safeguarding and the MANDELA model

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Dr Prospera Tedam on witchcraft labelling, safeguarding and the MANDELA model


Dr Prospera Tedam is a registered social worker with frontline practice experience in children and families social work. She has been teaching trainee social workers since 2004 and is currently the lead academic for social work practice quality at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Prospera has written extensively about culturally competent practice with children and families and has a specific interest in safeguarding children who may be at risk of harmful cultural and traditional practices. Prospera is a children’s safeguarding advisor to the UK Border Agency of the Home Office.

Two of her research outputs – The W word: witchcraft labelling and child safeguarding in social work practice and the MANDELA model are discussed in this interview.

As part of this interview, we discuss two highly significant cases of child abuse in the UK, which resulted in the deaths of the children – Victoria Climbé and Kristy Bamu. There may be some parts of this that viewers may find distressing. If you would prefer not to listen to this, please stop the video at minute 27 and resume at minute 39.

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