Dr Pete King on the Play Cycle

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Dr Pete King on the Play Cycle


Dr Pete King has a background as a professional play worker and a PhD in Childhood Studies. He currently teaches modules on children’s rights, perspectives on play and therapeutic work with children on a range of courses at Swansea University. His research focuses on Play Theory and Practice, Researching Childhood and Perspectives on Play.

Dr King is interested in re-establishing early years practitioners as play professionals and the factors influencing children’s perceptions of choice within their free play activity.

Pete King’s publications:

Other references in order of mention in the video:
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Nancy King (1979 – children’s perception of play)

Nina Lieberman

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The Oxford Play Association explanation of the Play Cycle:

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King, Pete. & Temple, Susannah. (2018) Transactional Analysis and the Ludic Third (TALT): A Model of Functionally Fluent Reflective Play Practice. Transactional Analysis Journal 48(3), 258-271.

Dr Shelly Newstead:

Pete King (Editor) and Shelly Newstead (Editor) Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective (Advances in Playwork Research) (2019)

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