Dr Kathryn Peckham on Supporting Children and their Families – In Practice

In this interview, we discuss how Dr Kathryn Peckham’s need to keep children at the centre of her practice led to her setting up Nurturing Childhoods to support parents and their children. Dr Peckham explains how she developed ‘Nurturing Childhoods’ from her doctoral research and observations of children when they transition from Early Years settings into more formal school settings.

She has practical advice - based on her many years of experience working in the sector and research - for helping families and children who may have anxiety and recognising their own triggers. Dr Peckham explains how resilience is important for all children, even from babyhood, and how we can build up resilience through our practice and the role of play in doing this.

We also discuss the Nurturing Childhood accreditation and how this CPD is specific to each setting and embeds good practice, based on DfE Teacher’s Professional Development Standards. We end by discussing MICE - Method of Improved Child Engagements – as way of invigorating engagement in classrooms
· December 10, 2021

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Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, researcher and author, and founder of Nurturing Childhoods, an online source of knowledge and support for parents, schools and settings all over the world.

Having worked with children for many years, Kathryn is a passionate advocate for children’s access to rich and meaningful experiences throughout their foundational early years.

With a PhD looking at the effect of pedagogy on children’s innate desires to learn, and the effect this has on their engagement, Kathryn has developed a suite of materials.

Supporting families through seminars and short courses; supporting settings through effective CPD and the Nurturing Childhood Accreditation; and supporting schools through the MICE (Method of Improved Child Engagements) programme.

With a particular interest in the impact of childhood experiences, and the influence of well-meaning adults, Kathryn works with families and settings as well as schools and councils to identify and celebrate the nature of early childhood and the experiences children need to prepare them for all of life’s learning.

A highly acclaimed author, researcher and active campaigner for children, Kathryn consults on projects, conducts research for government bodies and contributes to papers launched in parliament, and those widely used throughout settings such as Birth to Five Matters. Kathryn also teaches a Master’s Degree at the Centre for Research in Early Years.



Email: info@nurturingchildhoods.co.uk

Twitter: Nurturingchild1

Facebook: @nurturingchildhoods

Instagram: nurturingchildhoods

LinkedIn: Dr Kathryn Peckham



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