Dr Jacqueline Harding and Lourdes Kerr on The Brain That Loves To Play

Dr. Jacqueline Harding, child development expert and author, joins Lourdes Kerr, an outstanding Early Years expert, to share insights from Harding's book "The Brain That Loves to Play." Through video examples and clear explanations, they reveal the neuroscience behind why spontaneous, sensory play is crucial for brain development and learning.
· April 12, 2024

Dr Jacqueline Harding is recognised as an international child development and education expert and is author of the highly acclaimed book The Brain that Loves to Play. She is a former BBC Education Editor, Government Consultant, and Headteacher.

Lourdes Kerr is a QTLS Early Years Teacher and Lecturer in childhood development in the Higher Education sector at Middlesex University and is currently studying a part-time MSc. in Educational Psychology. She is also an Area Lead for the Department for Education (DfE) Childminder Mentor Programme, supporting childminders.

It was Lourdes’ nursery where Dr Harding dedicated one chapter of her book: “The Brain that loves to Play, a visual guide to child development, play and brain growth”, as part of an investigation into observing children.

In this session, Dr Harding and Lourdes shine a light on the vital link between neuroscience, play and learning. Packed with practical examples from real nursery settings, this fascinating discussion brings theory to life, empowering viewers to champion play-based learning.

Learn how to create an environment where children’s brains light up with delight through sensory-driven, spontaneous play. Dr Harding and Lourdes reveal the neuroscience behind joyful learning and show how to spark curiosity, creativity and flexible thinking.

In this session you’ll:

  • Discover how play is the brain’s preferred way to join the dots and forge new neural pathways for lifelong learning
  • See real examples of children being curious, problem-solving and making connections through organic, unstructured play moments
  • Understand the eight senses driving sensory play and how to be a sensitive adult who makes play nutrient-rich
  • Learn simple ways to encourage parents to embrace spontaneous play over “teaching” young children academic skills
  • Get insights from a former BBC education editor on changing the pattern of how learning happens from birth

Don’t miss this illuminating session unveiling how to create delicious learning through the magic of child-led play.

Episode Links:

Middlesex University: https://www.mdx.ac.uk/

Dr Harding: https://www.drjacquelineharding.com/

Routledge: https://www.routledge.com/The-Brain-that-Loves-to-Play-A-Visual-Guide-to-Child-Development-Play/Harding/p/book/9781032314396

Book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/47yDi85

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