Dr Cindy Hovington on Emotional Regulation

· September 23, 2022

Dr Cindy Hovington is the mum of 3 children and the founder of Curious Neuron as well as the co-founder of the new App ‘Wondergrade’. For the past 7 years, Cindy has been summarizing parenting and child development research for parents.

More recently, Cindy became the co-founder of the Wondergrade app, which helps families build skills to help parents and their children understand feelings, handle emotions, and strengthen relationships. Cindy is the host of the Curious Neuron Podcast, which is available on most podcast apps. She holds a doctorate degree in neuroscience and a postdoctoral fellowship in education.

Dr Hovington starts by explaining what we mean by ‘emotional regulation’ and some adaptive, very healthy ways to deal with an emotional situation as well as the maladaptive ways. We go on to discuss why and how, as adults, we need to have our own emotional regulation securely in place when children are experiencing those big emotions – especially as the way that the adults around a child are regulating their emotions has a huge impact on how the child learns to regulate their own. Dr Hovington has some great strategies for this!

I also ask Dr Hovington about those days when nothing seems to go right and how we can emotionally deal with these.

Dr Hovington finishes by discussing the brand new Wondergrade App – Emotional Wellbeing for Every Family – the thinking behind the App and how it could be used.


Founder of Curious Neuron: www.curiousneuron.com

Host of the Curious Neuron Podcast

Join us on Instagram @curious_neuron



Some of the books and research that Dr Hovington refers to:


Bruce Perry’s book: What Happened to You https://amzn.to/3vCOnVi

The Tripartite model of family impact on children’s emotion regulation and adjustment. Morris et al. (2007, p. 362)


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