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Di Chilvers on Observations and the Development Map

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Di Chilvers on Observations and the Development Map


Di Chilvers is an author and advisory consultant in early education who works in partnership with setting schools and local authorities across the country to support the development of exemplary Early Years practice.

She’s been an early education associate for many years and her collaborative approach is firmly rooted in Loris Malaguzzi’s philosophy that ‘children are thrilled and grateful when adults want first to understand them and then to help them’. Having originally trained as a nursery nurse and NNEB Di’s 40 plus years’ experience in education has taken her around the world, visiting Reggio Emilia several times as well as Ghana, Oman, Denmark, New Zealand and India.

In this interview we discuss why observations are so important for practitioners, for children and understanding what you are watching; child development; assessment of children’s progress; the ‘assessment tool kit’ – the things you need to know and understand to do observations successfully; using Di’s Development Map to demonstrate and visualise children’s holistic development; the importance of our own self-development to help understand child development.

Di Chilver’s website is:  https://watchmegrow.uk/
and you can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Thedevelopmentmap

Find out more about the Development Map on its own dedicated website here: https://www.developmentmap.co.uk/

and if you can check out the package details here: https://www.developmentmap.co.uk/subscriptions/new



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by Margaret Carr and Wendy Lee

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