Deborah McNelis on The First 60 Days

Deborah McNelis is the founder of Brain Insights, where the Neuro-Nurturing® model was developed. Deborah shares how nurturing responsive care in the first 60 days wires babies' brains for lifelong health, learning & wellbeing. Join the First 60 Days Movement for CPD, resources & more. Don't miss this essential session!
· August 11, 2023

Deborah McNelis is the founder of Brain Insights, where the Neuro-Nurturing® model was developed, but she started her career as a kindergarten teacher. In an effort to have a broader impact, she created a community-based organization called Family Network and was the president of The Partners organization. She also coordinated an Even Start Family Literacy program and was an instructor for the early childhood associate degree at a technical college.

When research on early brain development started becoming available, Deborah worked for a state-wide advocacy agency to create awareness and support for children and families. She loves time in nature and can never pass up the opportunity to take a sunset photo!

In this session, Deborah McNallis shares fascinating insights into early brain development and the critical importance of the first 60 days of life. She explains how recent neuroscience research shows that nurturing, responsive care in the first two months helps wire babies’ brains for lifelong health, learning, behaviour and wellbeing – even if adversity follows later.

Key takeaways:

  • Babies’ brains grow rapidly, making 1 million new neural connections every second based on their experiences. Consistent, nurturing care wires in positive pathways.
  • Having a key consistent caregiver is crucial so babies build secure attachments. This provides the repeated nurturing needed to wire healthy brain development.
  • Join the First 60 Days Movement for a free bi-monthly magazine, networking, printable insights to share and more. Fantastic CPD for baby room staff.

Don’t miss this essential session with an experienced early years expert who makes the latest neuroscience accessible and actionable. Be sure to visit Deborah’s website for more incredible resources to support the crucial first 60 days. Help spread this vital knowledge!

This episode was originally broadcast on the 11th of August 2023.

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